Virtual Call Center Reps

April 8th, 2013

Cdtravel is looking for a few dedicated, hard working individuals for our expanding virtual call center.

To utilize their internet-based call center software and receive only inbound calls from their direct mail marketing. Set reservations for residents to attend an open house presentation and explain the gifts the customer will receive in exchange for their time.

Compensation: guaranteed $10.00/hourly — Paid weekly; Plus bonuses (average bonus $250.00 paid weekly)

On Average you will be making $600.00 weekly.


  • Work 30+ hours per week
  • 1 years experience in telemarketing
  • Have a computer with Windows XP or newer
  • Have High Speed Internet (no dial-up, satellite or cellular)
  • Have a wired USB headset. (no stereo headsets)
  • A strong commitment to work all the hours you agree to work
  • You must speak English fluently

To apply, visit us at


  • CrazyGirl


    I just came across your post regarding this
    company. I must say that I worked for this company for over 6 months. In
    my opinion, they are NOT legitimate. My advice to you is to take the
    time to look them up before suggesting to anyone to go and apply with
    this company.

    They go by several different names,
    CDFTravel, Global Vacations Network, Gifts by Monet, etc., and I believe
    they have recently added another one or changed again.

    send out this junk mail piece telling people that they are sending them
    (by mail) a FREE Android Tablet just for participating in a study. The
    information that comes in the mail has a survey included for them to
    fill out about Android Tablet, which is supposedly on its way.

    people call in our job was to go through this super long script
    bullcrap (full of lies) to get them to set an appt. to go to one of
    their locations to sit through a 90 minute (more bullcrap) presentation.
    Many people never received their “gifts” after attending, and called
    back in very angry to ask where their gifts were. A supervisor would
    jump on the line (very, very nasty attitudes) and give them some kind of
    lie why they hadn’t received them. Something like they didn’t send in a
    copy of their driver’s license with the certificate or they never
    received the certificates. They were so full of lies.

    were others who would call in to say that the Android that they
    received was a piece of junk, not even worth $5. I can remember only
    receiving just a handful of these type calls, and that’s because most of
    them never received anything. Most of them calling back were angry that
    they ended up sitting through a 3-5 hour long high pressured sales
    pitch (in which they were talked down to and treated badly if they were
    not interested in joining their vacation club that day) and not
    receiving any gifts.

    You get many callers who say
    they’re going to report the company to the Attorney General, the Postal
    Inspector or their own attorney for fraud, because the letter that they
    received clearly states that they will receive a free Android Tablet
    just for participating in their survey once they received the Android
    Tablet, and not having to do anything more.

    The owners
    of the company, you can tell, are very money hungry and don’t really
    care what you have to do to make them money. They don’t really care
    about the ones making them the money either. They tell us to tell the
    callers lies just to get them to book an appointment. Sometimes a
    supervisor may be listening in on your call and whispering in your ear,
    telling you what to say to book them. ARGH!!!

    are paid $10 an hour and are required to work 30 hours per week,
    otherwise you forfeit all bonuses and commissions. However, if you’re
    not maintaining a 25%-30% booking rate, you will be told to log out for
    the day. Whenever this happens you still get your bonuses and
    commissions. It’s only when you take off any time from work that you
    forfeit any gains. Ha, funny isn’t it? They will also try and make you
    work some Saturdays, depending on how well you did during that week. If
    your booking/show rate was good for the week, they will either ask you
    or try and tell you to work that Saturday. And they wait until your
    shift is almost over with on that Friday to mention this.

    only give you a 5 minute break at a time, and you surely can’t take too
    many of those. What’s 5 minutes? This gives you no time to enjoy a
    lunch/dinner. When calls are pouring in, they will try not to give you a
    break. I don’t care if you’ve been taking call after call for 3
    straight hours, they will sometimes ask you to wait until they get the
    call volume down. And you’d better be back in 5 minutes or else! You’ll
    start getting messages from the supervisor(s), even the owner, and you
    just may even get a phone call from them telling you to get back on the
    phone and take calls.

    The money was pretty good
    sometimes, but just not worth what they put you through. It’s not worth
    the lies and deceit either. I would always feel so bad telling people
    that they’d be receiving these gifts just for attending a 90 minute

    Sitting at my computer for 6 hours
    (as long as they didn’t tell me to log off because my booking rate was
    low) almost straight, was horrible. It killed my back almost and
    exhausted me.

    Oh, and another thing is if your
    show rate is not good for the week, they will tell you to bring it up,
    otherwise they will let you go? Huh? My job was to book appointments,
    not to make sure that they show up. Your confirmation department’s job
    was to confirm the appointments and to do and say whatever they had to
    in order to get them to show up. Once I booked the appointment and hung
    up with them, it was out of my hands. There was nothing left for me to
    do other than hope they showed up.

    So yes, they will try and “punish” you if your show rate is not good for the week also.

    I know there were a couple of other things that I couldn’t stand about this company, but I just can’t think of them right now.

    one thing I did like was that they pay you on time every Friday. Never
    missed a payment. I sometimes felt that they weren’t being honest about
    the number of shows though. But there was no way for me to prove this.

    But anyway, this was my experience with this company. They’re FULL-OF-IT, and that’s for sure. SO BEWARE, Please!!

    I’m surprised they’re still in business today.

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