Virtual Representatives

February 7th, 2013

Skilled Reps is hiring Virtual Representatives

Skilled Reps is a US based company that provides US based Virtual Representatives to fulfill the needs of businesses who have outsourced certain responsibilities to us. These range from account management, to data entry, to customer support and on.

You will be working as part of a virtual team, interfacing with other team members to improve the customer experience and help the customer achieve their goals. This is an exciting opportunity for motivated individuals who want to make money, help people, and telecommute.

As a Virtual Representative, you must have your own computer, internet connection and a quiet work environment. You must also possess the following requirements:

1. Superior verbal communication skills. You must be energetic, bubbly, easy to understand and good at taking charge of the conversation. You should enjoy talking on the phone and your smile should shine through your voice.

2. Strong written communication skills. You should be able to compose your thoughts quickly, type quickly, have a strong grasp of the English language, and be competent with spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If you speak an additional language, this is a plus, but not a requirement.

3. Extremely reliable and dependable. Work schedules are flexible, but once the schedule is set, cannot be changed without at least two weeks’ notice. Missing your shift or showing up late is simply not acceptable.

4. Desire to improve the system. This is a relatively new project and we need team players who want to contribute ideas to making our virtual call center run more efficiently. We are looking for people who are not satisfied to just do what they are told. We want candidates who are excited about the opportunity to think creatively, contribute ideas, and make a difference.

They offer full and part time positions with excellent training programs. To apply, please click on (or cut & paste) the following link:

You will be directed to our online application process which includes a skills assessment test and a voice audition. Please apply using ONLY the link above. Email replies to this posting will not be read or returned.

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