Virtual Web Search Evaluator

March 1st, 2015

Appen Butler Hill is looking to hire independent contractors for virtual web search evaluator position.

As a Web Search Evaluator at Appen Butler Hill, you will be rewarded for your ability to improve the Internet search relevance results for everyone. They offer flexible work schedules, competitive pay and excellent training.

They will provide you with standards and scoring guidelines, personal support and training so you can be successful.

Web Search evaluators work 4 hours a day (Monday through Friday) and have the flexibility to choose the hours they wish to work each day. Evaluators commit to 20-22 hours per week. Before a project assignment, evaluators complete a qualification process of 25-40 hours over a 1-3 week period. Once accepted on a project, evaluators meet consistent service levels that measure accuracy of their work.


  • Passionate and avid interest in working with the Internet.
  • Experience with Web browsers to navigate and evaluate a variety of content.
  • Broad interest and current knowledge of social culture, media, sports, news, business, celebrities and the Web.
  • Flexibility to learn from changing standards and tasks.
  • Be fluent in written and verbal English and Spanish.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Latino and Hispanic culture, politics, business and media affairs.
  • Must have extensive familiarity with a wide variety of online news sources in a minimum of one Latin American country. Candidates with familiarity with online news sources for multiple markets will be preferred.
  • Excellent research and decision capability: ability to see both the possible intent of a user who visits a Web page and compare it to another Web page to determine the best relevance.

Technology Requirements:

  • Personal PC or laptop that runs Windows Vista or Windows 7 (please note: netbook devices, Windows XP and Apple O/S, including Apple O/S running on virtual environments, are not compatible with project), and a minimum screen resolution of 1280 X 768; desired resolution is 1280 X 1024.
  • A high-speed Internet connection (preferably unlimited usage; if limited, download cap must not be less than 100 GB per month).
  • Basic aptitude for solving technical/software issues independently.

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