WAH Customer Service Representative

June 5th, 2013

KellyConnect is hiring WAH Customer Service Representatives for support of their client’s services and products with light sales opportunities.

In this long-term, Work-At-Home position, you’ll be part of a virtual team providing world-class advanced technical support to customers. They’ll give you the equipment and comprehensive training.


  • Answering and resolving advanced product technical-support questions received from customers.
  • Advisors are responsible for ensuring call resolution in a timely manner, meeting average handle time requirements for the program; while maintaining the highest standards of quality, and ensuring complete customer satisfaction with every interaction.
  • Advisors will be expected to provide suggestions and options to the customer based on their needs.
  • This involves up selling features/products to help the customer as much as possible.


  • HS Diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to work from home in a quiet environment free of background noise and interruption
  • Advance “User-level” knowledge of computer technology and computer operating systems
  • Opening, closing, collapsing and switching between various applications and windows/sessions on a PC or Mac
  • Downloading, opening, saving, printing and/or deleting files
  • Copy/cut and paste text
  • Managing, installing, uninstalling, application programs and software
  • Experience with the following devices
    • Personal computer (PC) or Apple Mac computer
    • Smartphone, PDA’s or MP3 players
    • Music downloading, organizing, CD Ripping
  • Understanding of internet concepts and features
    • Navigation to web addresses
    • Internet security, secured connection – SSL
    • Manage usernames and passwords for multiple sites
    • Search engines, concepts, words, and the ability to search the internet for specific information in a timely manner
  • Email application functionality including

APPLY HERE: https://www.appone.com/MainInfoReq.asp?R_ID=688628&B_ID=44&fid=1&Adid=&ssbgcolor=8e8e8e&SearchScreenID=1183&CountryID=3&LanguageID=2

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