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Are taking surveys worth your time?

It depends. How much are you making by taking online surveys?

If you spend 20 to 30 minutes taking a survey that pays out $1, one might suggest that you find a website that offers high paying surveys.

Webjenius offers just that. On the High Paying Surveys page, you can see what companies offer the highest paying surveys that are actually worth your time.

Look at it this way: Have you ever heard the euphemism that if Bill Gates was walking down the street and saw a $100 bill lying on the ground, he would lose money by stopping to pick it up?

Now, consider this: If you could put a dollar value on your time, what would it be?

I’m sure that it would be much more than $5 an hour. You could get a job at a fast food restaurant for more than that.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short for Two Quarters

Why sell yourself short with ridiculously low paying surveys?

Some “dollar” survey sites don’t even pay $1 for the survey any more. They have found that they can pay $.50 and still get people to do their survey for half an hour. If you ask me, this sounds insane.

Don’t sell yourself short. Webjenius offers high paying survey here that pay better than those “cheapskate” survey sites I just described.

You probably are thinking that taking surveys is making you some money, and it is better than creeping on Facebook. You may be right. Most people burn most of their free time on social media sites wasting the day away. So it makes complete sense to be doing something productive with your free time.

Webjenius finds high paying surveys and lists them out conveniently for you on the high paying surveys page.

Tips About Taking Online Surveys

Keep in mind the following before taking surveys online:

  1. Never pay to take online surveys – the whole idea behind taking online surveys is for you to make money. So why would you even consider paying them? If a company or website asks you to pay a membership fee or signup fee before taking surveys, it could be a scam. Don’t pay in to use their service.
  2. Never give out private information to take surveys – Surveys will ask you your age, race, income, and about the products you use. If surveys ask you for your bank account information, social security number, and drivers license number, it could be a scam. Don’t blindly trust online survey companies just because they says they are going to pay you money. Never give out this information unless you are absolutely positive that you trust the online survey company. Always make sure you are on a secure server (usually indicated by “https” in the URL bar).
  3. Payout thresholds should not be too high – Most reputable online survey companies will set a reasonable threshold for payouts. A $100 payout is a high bar to set, if surveys only pay out a few dollars at a time. If they seem like it is impossible to reach the payout, then the survey company is probably banking on the possibility that people will give up trying to reach the payout, and they will get to reap the benefits of your hard work, and pay out only a small percentage of the people that actually make the threshold.
  4. Paypal is the standard – For online survey companies, some will offer to send you a check. For most, Paypal is the standard method of payment. Be cautious if the company does not offer a check or Paypal, especially if you have to sign up with a third-party online bank.
  5. Pre-screeners Before Screeners? – Some survey sites do a pre-screener before allowing you to get to the screener. Basically, you have to enter your information twice just to get to the survey. If you find that you are spending your time at the screeners and get “screened out” of way too many surveys, stop wasting your time. You can spend half an hour trying to find a survey that will take you, and it only pays $5. By the time it is all said and done, you have spend an hour taking a survey, and you make $5. This is definitely not a good use of your time.

Online surveys are one way of bringing in a few extra bucks on the side, but they are just that. Don’t expect to make reasonable money, unless you find high paying surveys, like those listed at Webjenius.

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