WordPress Developer

January 15th, 2013

Maximilian & Co., is looking for a developer who specializes in custom WordPress building and theming. They are a small design company in LA that primarily makes apps and web sites for a host of different kinds of companies and groups, sometimes individuals. We also do some print and brand work, among other things…

They have a couple projects that we are eager to jump right in on. They are offering desirable flat rates with a clearly defined scope of work, variable by project. In some cases, we can work on an hourly.

WordPress is their platform of choice which they offer to their clients. For some of their new clients & projects, the job requires more in-depth knowledge of / customization of the platform.


  • Be able to communicate with designers to transform the page template designs into a workable WordPress theme.
  • With your knowledge of custom theming, be able to build custom admin tools the service content (image/video/text) on the front end.
  • Have a familiarity or willingness to work with an organized development/deployment environment, preferably version controlled with git.

You should be experienced with the WordPress engine and able to build custom tools on the admin panel. Preferably knowledgable about forward facing web tech: HTML5 specifications, CSS3 specifications, jQuery, responsive design.

We hope if you’re the right fit, you could easily move from being a contractor to being a full-time employee. Please send resumes with a note about yourself to hi@maxandcodesign.com. Thank you for your time in considering this opportunity.

Compensation: 2000 – 5000 flat || $30/hr

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