Work At Home Business Analyst/Writer

April 15th, 2013

A new web-based startup is hiring a writer/analyst for their big data and business services.

They are looking for writers with good business/research sense and data awareness for a freelance project that should take about 1-2 weeks in length. They would like to write a research report (all in PPT) that we’ll distribute to customers and clients prior to launch.


  • Recent college graduates or current undergrads/grads
  • Aknack for writing and conveying information succinctly
  • Adeptness with data and analysis
  • Genuine intellectual curiosity and a hunger for learning
  • Experience with Powerpoint

They are looking to complete this project over the course of 1-2 weeks.

Pay is minimum of $100 for this project, along with possible bonuses, etc. for wonderful work, and a possibility to work together on a more long-term basis.

Apply by filling out the online form here:

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