Work At Home Customer Service Reps (UK)

April 15th, 2013

Sensee is an innovative staffing company providing flexible working, customer service representatives to call centres.

They are looking for highly motivated and very experienced customer service representatives to join their HomeAgent team.

You will be taking inbound calls from your home-office on a 20,25 or 30 hour Annualised Contract Basis.

Annualised Hours means that whilst on average you will be contracted 20,25 or 30 hours a week, during “off peak weeks” you will be required to work less than 20,25 or 30 hours per week, and then during “peak weeks”, you will be required to work more than 20,25 or 30 hours per week.

Your role will be to handle all Insurance customers’ demands including sales, renewals or general customer service questions. The core product you will be starting with is Motor Insurance including add-ons such as legal protection, breakdown cover and personal accident.

Starting salary is £7.25 per hour.


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