Work At Home Production Engineer

February 27th, 2013 is looking for a production engineer. They have a pretty cool product — using a model their founders developed as university researchers, their cloud service imports and processes historical event data from police departments so they can make predictions about where crime is most likely to occur tomorrow. The idea is that police can use these predictions to get in the right spot and stop crime before it happens. After field trials in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and other agencies, it looks like the software has a lot of potential.


  • Detailed knowledge of Ruby, Rails, and running Rails apps in production
  • Good understanding of concepts in UNIX and networking
  • Ability to program well in some language, preferably Ruby
  • You like fixing broken things, and you’re good at it
  • Comfortable relationship with open source software like Linux (we use Ubuntu), Apache, MySQL / Postgres, memcached, etc.
  • Careful enough not to break production applications
  • A general interest in big data and distributed computing

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