Work at Home Sales Manager

July 11th, 2013

Home Shopping Network is looking for work at home sales manager. This person would be responsible for leading, motivating and inspiring Work At Home (WAH) teams towards demonstrating optimal performance. Optimal performance is defined, as providing efficient, quality-based interactions that meet or exceed the metrics identified and budgeted by the Customer Care Center.


  • Establishes and sustains a culture of success for a group of Work At Home teams and shares this level of accountability with their entire leadership team.
  • Create a positive work environment for all representatives and leaders while maintaining focus on budgeted metrics.
  • Provide leadership to an exempt supervisory staff to focus on excellent customer experiences that provides “world class service”, while increasing representatives’ performance levels.
  • Promotes and drives a successful sales environment that provides customer experiences that include appropriate selling techniques to capitalize on identified sales opportunities.
  • Recognize Supervisors’ performance/behaviors, provide constructive feedback for improvement along with acknowledgement of successes, and document coaching discussions appropriately.
  • Monitor and utilize appropriate monthly reporting and performance insight from Supervisors on representative statistics (Average Handle Time, Quality, and Availability, etc.) that identifies opportunities and drive appropriate actions to improve performance.
  • Remain educated on any attrition data for our Work At Home workforce (attrition percentage, reasons for attrition, profile of attrition, etc.) and take appropriate action for retaining our valuable employees.
  • Develop strategies and tactics to enhance the organization’s effectiveness with a high understanding of complex concepts


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