Work From Home Medical Writer

April 25th, 2013

Life Extensions is seeking a work from home medical writer.

They are the leading evidence-based magazine on nutritional research for avoiding disease and achieving longevity. All of their articles are extensively researched and each issue contains nearly 1,000 references. Their articles report on new therapeutic applications ranging from rhodiola for lowering cortisol to olive leave extract for reducing arterial plaque. These articles rely on published studies rather than anecdotes.

Their writers know how to uncover these stories, do the in-depth research and translate their findings into compelling articles that can be read by the lady next door to MDs and PhDs interested in the latest science of longevity research.
They  require a writer who understands medicine and science but can write for the lay public. You need to be able to explain everything from hormonal cascades and oxidative damage to C-reactive protein and homocysteine in a compelling must-read style. You also need to be able to tell a must read story about a particular supplement or finding. If you can write an article that would print in the NY TIMES Science section, you can write for us.
They are looking for writers with the ability to mimic our voice and unique style.
You can  visit and click on the Magazine tab to review their current issue in order to get a real sense of their content before you apply.


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