Writer For Online Course

September 5th, 2013

Ellan Media is seeking to hire a freelance writer for online course. Ellan Media is a  fast-growing online publishing start-up from Manhattan in a multi-million dollar market.

This will be a part time contractor position at first with the possibility of moving to full-time if it’s a great fit. Please fill out the questionnaire no later than 9/7/13.


  • Writing content based on outlines, collected research and audio notes
  • Paraphrasing concepts in a sassy comedic voice
  • Coordinating additional research – possibly including some first-hand interviews if necessary)


  • Experience writing professionally; college newspapers count! :)
  • Very fun, engaging, funny or tone to his/her writing
  •   10,000% reliable & always meets deadlines.
  • Value helping others, loves self-help, and is excited about the opportunity to change entrepreneurs’ lives by helping to teach them dramatically transform their businesses.
  • Bonus: If you love social psychology and can help contribute relevant research that might apply to our course
  • Willing to sign a non-disclose and work for hire agreement

This is a competitive position.

***Hours: 20 hours per week***

PAYMENT: $15 – $20/hour; payment will match experience

APPLY HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/148bMyFfYHO0Ahc3SX2UCbtWmtHp9uyoAzQCOxKqK97M/viewform

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